Why choose a private service to Capri?

Why choose a private service to Capri?

The fastest way to get to Capri
From Naples and from Rome: chauffeured car directly to the port, private speedboat to Capri and taxi on the island.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Our special services can take you to Capri at any time of day or night, even if your flight or train arrives too late to catch the last ferry.

Door-to-door service from anywhere
We can pick you up from any location and take you directly to your hotel on Capri, taking care of all connections, and even luggage.

About us

A long history on the sea off Capri

Capri Relax Special Service is a service managed by Capri Relax Boats. Though the company was officially founded in 1995, our family has been renting boats since the 1920s, when our great-grandparents would take visitors on tours of the coastline on small rowboats, skirting the shore with just the strength of their arms.

Today, Capri Relax Boats has an office in Marina Grande at the center of the port and a small fleet of Fratelli Aprea gozzi boats and Itama speedboats.

Capri Relax Boats